Classic Eddie Moments


Japan 1993

Qualifying 8th and finishing 6th in his first Grand Prix. During the race he unlapped himself after being lapped by Senna. Twice! After which he made headlines by being punched by Senna in the Jordan paddock. (See FAQ)

"When Senna took a swing at me I thought, 'Here's a few quid coming".
(Pete Burgess)

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Great Britain 1994

When Eddie Jordan asked him to take part in a photo shoot of all the British drivers before Silverstone 1994 he replied, "Do I have to? Send out some f**ker in my helmet, they'll never know the difference"

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San Marino 1994

Accidentally pulling into the Ligier pit in the middle of a race. I don't know who was more surprised, them or Eddie.

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Argentina 1995

Upon meeting the head of Ferrari for the first time, he complained to him about the prices of spares for his GTO and asked if he could do something about it.

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San Marino 1995

Asked how someone (still really a newcomer at the time) such as himself could have the audacity to shake his fist at Mansell (then driving the McLaren in a race for the first time, and blocking Eddie) he replied "Well its the first time I've seen him this year so I thought I'd give him a wave".
(Pete Burgess)

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Monaco 1995

BBC Television were filming mechanics partying at midnight on the Thursday night of the Monaco weekend. Guess which driver was with them?

Jaguar F1 Car

Belgium 1995

Post race interview after his car caught fire in the pit lane during a pit stop - Interviewer: "Tell us what happened Eddie" Ed:"Well I pulled into the pits and the car caught fire"

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Australia 1995

On Thursday evening Irvine was having a drink with some friends in the hotel bar. Schumacher came in and Eddie invited him to join them. "Michael, come and have a drink with us!" MS:"No thanks, I don't drink alcohol, I simply can't." Eddie replied: "Why? Are you pregnant?"

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December 1995

Bologna, Palazzo dei Congressi, "Caschi d'oro" di Autosprint
Eddie gets onto the stage to give the prizes to some Italian drivers. Claudia Peroni and Renato Ronco (they are Italian journalists) ask him a few questions. Giorgio Faletti, a quite famous Italian comedian is the third host of the prizegiving. He stares at Eddie for a while, just out of curiosity, as he will explain later. Eddie notices that Faletti is looking at him and asks: "Why is this man looking at me this way? Is he a finocchio?" "Finocchio" is an Italian expression (quite unkind, to be true) for "homosexual"!! While the people on the stage stand petrified, the audience bursts into laughter!
(I was there and I saw the whole scene!)

Eddie trying to get into Lillies Bordello nightclub in Dublin

Bouncer: Sorry sir, members only
Ed: I'm Eddie Irvine
Bouncer: Piss off, Eddie Irvine is a famous racing driver. Stop wasting my time.
(Niall Cunnane)

(According to Eddie in an interview in the Sunday Business Post this actually happened somewhere else.)

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Winter 1996

At a pre season Marlboro publicity day, Eddie bought a snowboard and decided to try it out. He flew down a slope, narrowly missed a startled Jean Todt and in front of the worlds press took out 4 skiers coming the other way.

In one of the issues of the Russian automotive newspaper "Autoreview" I have read about the following: During the presentation of the Ferrari drivers (I assume this was in the beginning of his first season with the Scuderia-Marlboro team) Eddie was invited to come up to the scene where Michael Schumacher was standing already. So, Eddie did come up, he approached Michael shook his hand with one hand and grabbed Michael by the balls with another. I would like to stress that this was during the official Scuderia presentation where the journalists and the photographers were present. Therefore this picture was published in the newspapers and magazines all over the world. I cannot remember the exact number of the volumen of "Autoreview" where this was published. I believe it was in one of the first issues of 1999 or 1998

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Australia 1996

Out-qualifying Michael Schumacher at Australia in 1996. The official explanation was that a gurney strip feel off the back of Michael's car but I don't buy it.

Getting Villeneuve to repeat the phrase "Rothmans Williams Renault" about 5 times as the Canadian couldn't pronounce it properly at the 1996 Australian press conference.

Jaguar F1 Car

Argentina 1996

This I saw on Eurosport, after the Argentinian Grand Prix of 1996 (I think!) Eddie was being interviewed by the Eurosport interviewer (could have been Ben Edwards, but I forgot!) and He was being asked about the reliability of the Engines. As he was half way through some explanation of torque and differentials, something catches his eye to his left, and he calls out for someone to come over. I thought it was perhaps a mechanic, who could perhaps explain better the intracacies of the Ferrari engine. The Eurosport cameraman, tries to Pan to the right (Eddie's left), but Eddie holds the camera with his hand. The cameraman still manages to focus on what caught Eddies attention. It was two beautiful Argentinian girls. Eddie walks over, and asks if they were gonna go to the Hard Rock Cafe that evening, they said "maybe", and Eddie says, "See you there then". Calmly he walks back to the camera, and asks "Where were we?"
(Steven Camilleri)

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Monaco 1996

Interviewer: "Why has Schumacher got an odd shaped helmet?" Ed: "Because he's German, he's got an odd shaped head"

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Canada 1996

Eddie was being interviewed by CBC covering the race weekend, asked if he liked Montreal, Eddie replied he "loves french brods".
(Glen from Canada)

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Unknown Race 1996

After yet another DNF in 1996, Tony Jardine confronted Eddie in the pits for a live interview. He asked Ed a couple of hard-hitting questions and managed to keep a straight face as off-camera, Eddie poured a bottle of ice-cold water down his trousers.
(Niall Cunnane & Annemarie Sheehan)

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Hungary 1996

Sneaks up behind Damon Hill when Damon was doing a live pre-race BBC TV interview and knocks his cap off.
Interviewer"(laughing) That was Irvine"
DH:"Hmm, I might have guessed".

Jaguar F1 Car

Brazil 1997

Going up to David Coulthard just before the start of the race and saying "I missed you at Australia but I'm going to get you this time". Coulthard is reported as saying he took him half seriously.

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Argentina 1997

After demands for his sacking in the Italian press, he pushed Villeneuve hard to the line in the last 15 laps of the race.

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Spain 1997

Giving Louise Goodman a hard time after she called him Edmund on live TV.
LG: "Your Mum calls you that"
Ed:"Well you're not my Mum"

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Hungary 1997

Budapest, Bahnof Music Club
Michael Schumacher, Eddie Irvine and Jean Todt face live, some hundred Hungarians in the context of "Grand Prix Action". One question, from the public, interpells directly Michael Schumacher and Irvine: "You say it is hard to overtake in this circuit. But in 1989, in the occasion of Ferrari's last win, Mansell started only in 12th place. So? "Schumacher is "interloque'" [embarrased ? speechless ?]. Eddie Irvine, he replies "tac a tac": "Mansell was Mansell. We, we are only simple mortals..." A loud applause starts.

Pre race interview with Louise Goodman (ITV Pit lane reporter):"Tell us about your new private jet Eddie" Ed:"Well y'know, it takes off, it lands, it's just like any other plane, really..."

This I actually saw live last year at Budapest, and I have a series of photos to prove it. Some serious looking Italian guy walks up to Eddie and in broken English trys to convince Eddie to go a bit slower at the start of the race. "Eddie, go slowly!!" Eddie was amused, and tried to reassure this guy that everything would be ok. As he's talking, three local girls walk by and smile at Eddie, Eddie leaves the Italian guy standing and goes over to talk to the girls!
(Steven Camilleri)

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Britain 1997

On the Ways to Meet the Irvster front, I find the following useful based on my brush with Eddie at Silverstone:
Be a female twenty-something
Wear not very many clothes
Make these clothes red/Ferrari tagged/transparent
Wear an Irvine baseball cap, just in case he fails to get the message
Have a very big cleavage
As for classic Eddie Irvine moments, here's mine:
Whilst loitering outside the Silverstone paddock after qualifying 97, I happened to wander past Eddie without noticing him. When my brain finally alerted me to what I'd just seen, I turned around to say hello. I presume that Eddie must have noticed my exquisite taste in clothing because he stared at my chest for quite some time before lifting his eyes to my face, grinning and greeting me with "Alright?". Sadly, the little man driving Eddie's scooter (complete with Eddie on the back) whisked him away before anything else could happen. Aw, well.
(Victoria Sharman)

Jaguar F1 Car

Bangor, Northern Ireland August 1997

Signing an autograph "Norman Whiteside 97" when a girl went up to him and said "You're Norman Whiteside, my dad is a big fan of yours". Norman Whiteside is an ex-Northern Ireland football player who is hitting 40.

Jaguar F1 Car

Milan, Italy August 1997

When having a few pints in a bar in Milan, he was asked how he gets on with his Brazilian girlfriend, which has been asked a lot since she speaks hardly any English and they have never been seen talking. His reply? "I get on fine with her, she's a bit thick and she's not great looking, but f**k me, she's dynamic in bed".

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Austria 1997

David Coulthard is giving a pre-race interview with Louise Goodman. Eddie comes up and squirts the contents of his drink bottle on David & Louise. If it was to put David off for the race, it didn't work. David retorted that the main problem facing him on the grid was having "this idiot in front of me".

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Japan 1997

After getting abuse from the press and having rumours floating around about him being sacked, he drove the race of his career. Overtook 3 cars, pulled out a 12 second lead and sacrificed his race for his team-mate. At the end of the race Schumacher had won, Eddie was third and fans all over the world (except Canada) were thrilled by an intelligent use of team tactics.

Jaguar F1 Car

December 1997

On having the dubious pleasure of getting stopped for speeding in his 288 GTO, four times in nineteen hours over Christmas '97, in his native Ireland. "I couldn't help it Officer. It's running so well at the minute- and I was determined to make the most of it." I'm not sure this is word for word what he said, but whatever he *did* say obviously worked- the police let him off.

Jaguar F1 Car

January 1998

Asked to comment about the Jerez Schumacher crash in Autosport he said "Honestly, I think we all would have done the same. But I'd like to think I'd have made a better job of it!"
(Mike Whooley)

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February 1998

Eddie appears on the Pat Kenny Show on RTE. Goes a  little like this...

Pat asks him to explain his comments about living near Damon Hill (About a year before he had a conversation like this with an Irish journo):
J:   Eddie, you live near Damon Hill. Do you drop around to Damo's for tea often ?
E:   Well, to be honest, you'd have to be a pretty sad bastard to need a racing driver for a mate.  I have normal friends and have the crack with them.
So he says
E: "Well, to be honest, most of the guys in Formula 1 just dont get it."
P: "What do you mean?"
E: "Well for example, MS' idea of a good time is walking his dogs on a Sunday. I mean they might be very clever in a racing car, but out of it street, they just dont have a clue"
Pat: "So what do you like doing ?"
E: "I like getting pissed and going to Lillie's Bordello"
Later on, they had a Marlboro competition, to which there were 3 hints.  So Pat says (very seriously and distinctly)
Pat: "Its one of Eddie's favourite hunting grounds" [referring to his finishes at Spa [I think]
Eddie immediately quips
E: "What, Lillie's Bordello ??"
Brought the house down.
(Ruben Bartel)

Jaguar F1 Car

Australia 1998

Eddie was being interviewed on the radio

Reporter: Eddie, what do you think of Jacques Villeneuve?
Eddie: I think he is full of shit. I mean, they give a the guy big boots to fill and all he can fill them with is shit. Everyone knows that Jacques is full of it., said Eddie laughing.
(Raelene Welsh)

An old bloke asks Eddie for an autograph, Eddie replies, "Sorry I've got a sore hand".  Thirty seconds later he signs about thirty autographs for a bunch of models.  Quite amusing from where I was standing.

At Melbourne this year some lucky bastard won a drive around Albert Park in a 355(?)with Eddie driving.So there's this guy done up in the fireproof suit, gloves, boots and helmet all fired up to jump in, and there's Eddie in all the protection of raybans, a marlboro cap, t-shirt and jeans doing an interview with some tv bird where he is absolutely panning Max Mosely and the new groovy tyres. Looked funny from my seat anyway.
(Kieren Otton)

Jaguar F1 Car

Argentina 1998

Post-Race Interview
Q: Eddie you predicted in Brazil that Michael would win here.Congratulations, you must be pretty pleased with yourself?
Ed: I tell you what, my bookie is not going to be too pleased. I put money on Michael to win and I put money on myself each-way as well. He'll be crying a bit today.

Earlier this season on ITV, Martin Brundle was trying to do a serious interview with Eddie (always a bad idea). They both were sitting down around a little circular table. Just as Brundle was asking his first question about something technical like the performance of the Good Year tyres, the camera picked out Eddie's leg extending under the table, and giving Brundle a gentle kick in the groin area. Cue Eddie laughing and Brundle muttering something like: ''Can't you behave like a grown adult for just 5 minutes?''
(Tom Burn)

Jaguar F1 Car

Monaco 1998

At Monaco, Liz Hurley (who knows bugger all about F1) was asked which driver she liked. She said that the Irish guy was pretty sexy. Irv's response? "Well, she's only human."
(Jan Haider)

On the wednesday afternoon, lotta girls were waiting for him ( I wasn't very far from them). He went, and one of the girls gave him flowers. She wasn't very beautifull. He looked at the flowers, took it and gave it to another girl. I found it very funny, but not the first girl...

When asked about his collision with Heinz Harald Frentzen at Loews he replied:
"Well you can pussy foot around the guy all day...he was way too slow, I had to do something about it."
Without a hint of conscience or regret.
(Rhonda Lindsay)

Jaguar F1 Car

France 1998

(seen in the Italian TV programme "Grand Prix")
A journalist went around in the paddock offering a packet of Viagra to the drivers he met. Obviously it was just a joke to see their reactions. While Schumacher stated he didn't know what it was and while some other drivers said laughing "I don't need it yet!", Eddie gave a look at the packet, smiled, said "Grazie!" -thanks-, took it and carried it away!!!

Jaguar F1 Car

Britain 1998

At the EEI bash, 9th July 1998 in the question and answer session:

Q. What did you say to Fisi after the crash at Barcelona.
Eddie. "Out of my way, little boy".

Q. Do you think there's any connection between the improvements in Ferrari and the fact that you've been allowed to test.
Eddie. "Well said".
(Cally Marshall)

In an interview with Louise Goodman, for one of ITV's F1 specials, at Woodcote Park in Epsom. Eddie was playing golf with other F1 drivers in aid of the British Brain and Spine Foundation.
Louise: "Are you guys playing against each other then, or what?" Eddie: "I dunno, I'm just trying to get the ball in the hole."

Jaguar F1 Car

Italy 1998

A journalist asked MH and MS what they expect from their teammates. So MH is giving an answer of 5 minutes (four words I suppose), explaining and stuff. MS shortly said: I want Eddie to stay away from my daughter when she is on an age to start dating!
(Marjon Wijngaard)

Jaguar F1 Car

October 1998

Good Friend of mine reports: "Sort of an easygoing stags night.... Ended up in Lillies Bordello nite club and met one Eddie Irvine, pleasantly inebriated. I was somewhat taken aback cause he just walked in and stood beside me. Said things like "Thanks for giving so much pleasure in being able to watch an Irish driver do so well in F1... Michael is doing well in testing this week" "Is he ?" said an uninterested Eddie!"
(Sean Owens)

Jaguar F1 Car

Japan 1998

Soon after the prizegiving Mika Hakkinen was celebrating his victory while Eddie and Coulthard were joking with him ; when Eddie and David took Mika on their shoulders a laughing Ed clenched with his hand Mika's "balls" !! It seems that Mika did not appreciate his joke ! If you recorded this last gp you could see it.
(Matteo Rizzi)

Jaguar F1 Car

Unknown 1998

I have no idea when or where he said this but I think it was being interviewed by a journalist for an Italian TV station in 1998 season. He was criticised about not being aggressive enough (!) and he said "oi've got a helicopter, a jetski, 3 Ferraris, a boat, a private jet, a few motorbikes and a canoe, so feck off" ! You may have seen it before. (Paul

Jaguar F1 Car

New Year's Eve 1998

Thought I'd share with you all the story I heard of how Eddie celebrated his New Year. He started out in his local out in Dalkey (for anyone who doesn't know Dublin, Dalkey is a fabulous place and home to the rich and famous.  People Like Irv, Damon Hill, Bono, Lisa Stansfield, she shares the same local as Irv and apparently a few Hollywood Celebs too).  He was singing his own praises to anyone willing to listen and was going on about how wonderful he is.
He then arrived at non-other than Lillie's Bordello (place frequented by the rich and famous, it's nothing to write home about though) in a stretch Limo and rang in the New Year, spraying Cristal Champagne around the bar as if he'd just won his first Grand Prix.
(Sam Howe)

Jaguar F1 Car

March 1999

Yesterday evening there was on the most important TV channel in Italy a special programme about Ferrari. All the members of the Ferrrari team were invited. Obviously there was also our hero , Eddie Irvine . The host asked all the guests , including Eddie and Schumacher , about their "normal" speed on the roads. Eddie said in a nearly good italian that his habitual speed ( in Ireland , he specified... ) on the roads is 200 km/h. Then the host asked him about the Irish police ;
Ed' s answer : " Io no problema , conosco tutta la polizia! " ( I haven' t got any problem , I know all the police officers! ).
(Matteo Rizzi)

Jaguar F1 Car

Australia 1999

He won! He feckin won!!!!! And was really happy and spun the wheels and jumped on other cars and I jumped around my house at 5 in the morning and it was great. Thank you.

On passing Hakkinen "I did him and that was great, thank you very much"

On why he's so popular in Australia "Because it's full of Irish convicts"

On how he was going to celebrate "Melbourne is full of Irish bars and I'm going to visit every one"

Eddie was asked what would he have done if he wasn't an F1 driver?
Eddie:  Hmmmmm........I would have replaced Mick Jagger as lead singer of the Rolling Stones
(Christie-Lee Taylor)

The drivers had been asked "What their worst driving experience was?" All the guys took it as driving experience on the F1 track but not Eddie, his worst driving experience was when he let his girlfriend (at the time, I guess) drive his car. (probably one of his Ferrari's) He was in the passenger's seat and it was "scary"...apparently his worst driving experience ever.
(Fleur Menezes)

A week after Irvine's victory in Melbourne, the Melbourne Sun Herald (Saturday, 14/3/1999) has a section devoted to "highlights and quotes of the week". At the very top of the page, above all the usual ramblings from politicians, businessmen, sportsmen and editorials alike, sits Eddie's answer to a reporter's question on how it felt to win his first GP victory........
"It's like having sex with the 10 most beautiful women in the world"

When Eddie first joined Ferrari in 1996, a reporter asked him, what he would do if he won the Drivers World Championship...
"If I won the world championship, I would immediately announce my retirement, buy a nice luxury boat and sail the seas for 10 years. And at every stop-over, I would take on board two girls, and exchange them for two more, at each port!"
(Dean Ianno, Sydney Australia )

Hi, i really enjoyed reading the classic moments and thought that i might have one to add
After the aussie GP my mates and I waited around for a couple of hours to see the drivers, especially Eddie.He was obviously in a great mood after winning his first GP.He came out to rapturous cheers and proceeded to salute the crowd with a can of VB (THE beer in Australia!) I thought it was a really nice gesture.I was stoked. I've got a picture at my webpage if you want to have a look.

When asked "So Eddie, I guess there will be a few Guinness' sunk tonight then?"
Eddie replied "No way, I'll be drinking Red Bull and Vodka thanks."
To which the reporter asked "Why so?"
Eddie bluntly stated, "Well, it's red like my Ferrari. But more importantly, It gets you pissed a lot quicker."
(Justin Verceaux)

After the GP a pretty surprised italian journalist said: "Well Eddie, you won..." and Eddie replied in Italian: "I'm not only handsome!"

Jaguar F1 Car

San Marino 1999

During the San Marino GP, after retiring from the race, Louise Goodman asked him during an interview, howit's going to be mot leading the championship anymore and he replied "I'm still leading at the moment".  (Well, he technically was)
(Sharon Cross)

Jaguar F1 Car

Monaco 1999

Yesterday when Eddie was interviewed by German RTL after coming in second in the Monaco Grand Prix, he was asked, "You were very competitive in todays race Eddie.  What comments do you have for that?"
"Well, its because I'm a big wanker". ... and then just stared, smiling at the interviewer.
To which the immediate translation into German was, "Eddie said that he has a very good car". That was live TV.
(Chris Smith / Munich, Germany)

The night after the race he was at Stars and Bars in Monte Carlo but before he came in he was wheeleying a motorbike outside it. Wonder how Jean Todd would feel about that?
(Declan McLaughlin)

Jaguar F1 Car

Spain 1999

Ferrari's Eddie Irvine arrived later than planned in Barcelona on Thursday. Taking off from Nice in his private jet, the windshield blew out at 10,000 feet over the French town. An emergency landing was called for and the Irishman had to find a scheduled flight to Barcelona. "I was shitting myself," admitted Eddie.
(Harold Conter Jr.)

I heard on Italian TV ( RAI 1 i think ) that during the last grand prix (Spain) Eddie got so bored when he was running fourth and had no chance of bettering his position that he radioed his mechanics to install him a car stereo on his racecar for his next race, just in case.
Having it heard on TV does not make it necessarily true, but it's funny anyway.
(Andrea De Capitani)

Jaguar F1 Car

Canada 1999

During the post qualifying press conference, Eddie throw a piece of ice towards Mika Hakkinen's head and got the target.  Eddie ran off and Mikka Hakkinen with a jug of water came towards Eddie (from camera's view saying "That's it. . . Eddie, sorry Eddie") to tip the jug over Eddie.  Micheal Schumacher was amused with the whole situation and stayed out of the fury, but had a huge grin on his face.
(Sharon Cross)

& this version of the same story from Estonia...

After the qualifying for Montreal, press-conference.
Now, I only saw half of it, but from what I DID see and what I heard from my father it went something like this...
Schumacher's sitting in the middle, Häkkinen to his left, Irvine to his right. First Eddie throws something at Häkkinen, then some time later, he throws his towel at Häkkinen and runs from the table. Then Häkkinen says something like: "Excuse me!" (from the table) grabs the glass jug filled with some juice (I think it was juice) and runs away too. Later he comes back and the jug's empty...juice probably all over Irvine.

The Finns were actually pretty shocked about this: "how can he do that to our Häkkinen" but finally got themselves together and said "Umm...It's good to see...the drivers are having least.
(Maarja from Estonia)

& what really happened......

I'm Christie-Lee Taylor from Australia and I saw the whole Mika and Eddie water incident numerous times. What actually happened is: Michael was sitting between Eddie (left) and Mika (right) at the Qualifying press conference. Mika was rattling on, so Eddie picked up his glass and threw all the water at Mika, and it hit him on the side of the face. Eddie then took off. Mika hesitated, then picked up the jug of orange liquid and chased off behind the camera, saying "Eddie....Sorry Eddie". Then we heard a very feminine howl out of Eddie. Mika then returned with an empty jug. Michael just smiled.

Here's a classic: Montreal 1999, Wed. before race. I met Eddie signing autographs at Eatons to promote Tommy Hilfiger clothes. He was signing tommy posters- Eddie in the 99 Ferrari on one side, a nice Tommy girl on the other. He takes the poster from this kid, looks at the girly side with a big grin and signs that!!!! When it was my turn, I shook his hand and said "beat McLaren, Eddie." He grins, winks, and says "I'm sure I will."
(Mark Jennings)

Jaguar F1 Car

FHM Magazine Interview

Don't know ifd you saw the recent interview with him in FHM, but he said a couple things which might be suitable for your "classic Eddie moments" section thingy......
When asked "Has Michael Schumacher ever said anything to make you crack up", he simply answered "No", which I think says more about Schumacher than Eddie!
Most bizzare quote definitely comes when he was asked "Isn't it true you don't like fairground rides or horseriding because you're not in control?" His reply was "I like horses.  You can't beat shagging a good horse" (!!)
(John McGarvey)

Jaguar F1 Car

Galway 1999

He was opening a new Karting track in Oranmore, Galway, Ireland and did a long Q&A session with the sizeable crowd (EI: I didn't realise F1 was so popular here). Anyway he was going on about how great Michael Schumacher was so I asked him which of the drivers he liked best apart from Schumacher. EI: hmmm...ammm...well we're all a bunch of tossers really!!!
There was tonnes of other excellent quotes that day  - he said that Ralf Schumacher had something missing from his head and that Villeneuve only got into F1 'cos of his father.
(Donal Quinn)

I was at a meeting in Galway where Eddie was "Guest of Honour"
These are some of the Q+A's

Q:  How did you celebrate winning the Australian Grand Prix:
Eddie:  We went out with a few of the Jordan and Ferrari guys.  I had an early night, going to bed at about 2 am, as I was feeling a bit sick". Then, as if he suddenly had a flashback he chuckled and added,  "Oh yes, I stole the girlfriend of one of my Ferrari mechanics.  The following day my race engineer tried to console the man saying "If you want to eat steak, you don't take it into the lion's cage."
Q:  Your father is an ex racing driver, does he comment much on your driving?
Eddie "No, he knows better".
Q:  How do you feel about being number 2 driver to Michael Schumacher?
Eddie: "It's the means to an end". (What "the end" was, was never clarified.)
Q:  How do you feel about Damon Hill's imminent retirement from Formula 1:
Eddie:  "The sooner the better, really.  It will take Eddie Jordan some time to get a new driver up to speed, and having Damon is not benefiting him.  The sooner he gets a new driver in, the sooner he can start earning points".
Q:  Can you see yourself going back to the Jordan team as their number one driver?
Eddie:  Eddie Jordan is still about a second a lap slower than the main teams, and that last second is the hardest one to get.  He has done very well on his limited budget, but it will take him another 3-4 years to get him to the same level as Mc Laren and Ferrari.  By that time I will be retired".
Q:  How much success is attributable to being in a good car, and how much is attributable to being a good driver?
Eddie:  "The best drivers tend to gravitate to the best teams, but it is not necessary to be a good steering wheel attendant to be a good driver. Other factors come in to play also.  As an example McLaren were 2 seconds a lap quicker that anyone else in Australia, but they did not finish."
Q:  How do you feel about the national anthem being played after you win.
Eddie:  "I couldn't give a s**t which song is played or which flag is flown.  I race for myself and for no-one else".
Q:  What 20th century personality do you admire most?
Eddie:  "Nelson Mandela.  I'd love to meet him and find out where he gets so much tolerance after what he's been through.  We could do with some of that where I come from".
Initially we were told that the great Eddie could only stay until 9pm, as
he had to fly back to Silverstone for testing for the British Grand Prix.
His last answer let us know otherwise!..

Q:  Is there any truth in the rumour that you are seeing a supermodel.
Eddie: "Why do you think I am flying back to London?"
(Alan Moran)

Jaguar F1 Car

Hello Magazine Interview 1999 (Bit Spooky This One)

Whilst reading Hello! magazine (issue dated 13th July 1999 - the day after the British Grand Prix) I noticed an article 'at home' with Eddie Irvine.  He was interviewed on his boat in Monaco, probably after the Monaco Grand Prix.  Here is an excerpt ...
Hello! interviewer:  Is it frustrating to have to play number two to Michael Schumacher in the Ferrari team?
Eddie:You never know what will happen.  At the moment I am number two but Michael could decide to retire or he could break a leg.  If he did and I won the next few races I could be in contention for the title.  In this sport anything could happen.
So that's the answer .... Eddie has a touch of the Murray Walker's!!
(Alison Cardwell)

Jaguar F1 Car

Italian TV 1999

Here in Italy there's a very famous tv programme called "Scherzi a parte" (joking aside) in which some VIPs sustain a lot of really amusing jokes. Four days after Michael's accident, Eddie was one of the victims . In this joke Eddie was invited in a false tv programme where two beautiful girls were touching his bottom, the first time Eddie was visably embarrassed , but a few moments later he repaid the "kindness"! Really funny! As the joke went on, they made Eddie to taste a strange dish ( very disgusting I think! ) in which they put some soap and Ed spat it out!
(Matteo "Zarro" Rizzi)

Jaguar F1 Car

Austria 1999

Eddie and Salo were walking side by side, Eddie was signing autographs for people just out of shot, you could just see the autograph hunters' hands and bits of paper. Eddie takes off his own sunglasses, then takes off Salo's (still walking) tries them on, judging by Eddie's face he didn't like the tint, puts his own glasses on again and gives away Salo's glasses to someone in the crowd and keeps on walking!  To his credit,  Salo wasn't fazed, just left blinking in the sunlight.
(Judd Stephenson)

Did you hear him in the press conference after winning the Austrian GP? The press guy was saying something to DC about how did you mange to let eddie out in front of you, and as DC started to mumble his pathetic excuses, you could hear Irv making an exaggerated snoring sound off camera! Pretty funny to me.....
(Chris Haber)

After finishing first in the Austrian Grand Prix :
Journalist : Eddie , we saw some smoke coming out of your car at the end of the race. Did you have a problem ?
Eddie : No, that was just my brain.
(Christophe Caulier)

Jaguar F1 Car

Germany 1999

After the GP in Germany, during an interview with several journalists from different countries... Interviewer:"So, how does it feel being in MS's shoes (meaning how it feels being Ferrari's Number 1 driver)?" Eddie:" Well, I don't like hospitals and I guess I won't like having a broken leg...."
(Barbara Ballabio)

Jaguar F1 Car

Hungary 1999

Q. Eddie, you've been making all the headlines recently. What about the reports that you've been relaxing in St Tropez? They say you were in bed until three o'clock in the afternoon ...
Eddie Irvine: It's hard to relax in St Tropez, believe me! I was in bed all day and all night ...
(Donal Quinn)

In Saturday Post Qualifying Press Conference, Mika Hakkinen took pole with Eddie along side. Mika was asked "Why do so many of your countrymen come here to Hungary to make it virtually a home race for you?"
MH: "I believe there have been at least 23 extra flights from Finland to Hungary for this weekend's race ..."
EI: "Is that the whole population?"
MH: "Sorry!!"
Mika didn't know what to reply but he did it on Sunday Post Race Press Conference.
MH: "The grandstands are full of Finns and as Eddie said yesterday you would imagine that the whole of Finland is empty this weekend. It's not true though, because we aren't a small country like Ireland."
(Sergei Orel) & (Myat Phyo Tun)

When a journalist asked him about the car and the race he said " It's ok, last year here in Hungary the car jumped a lot, in fact after the race the fillings of my theet were gone. this year I haven't this problem so, either the car is good or I found a good dentist!"  


Jaguar F1 Car

Mugello 1999

When Schumacher returned to testing at Mugello (August 20th, 1999 )after his lay off  with his broken leg, he  (Schumacher) was faster than Eddie despite his still sore leg and time off; however when he got back to the pits Eddie had stolen his crutches for revenge, and Schumacher had to be helped back to the motorhome!
(Alan Harnedy)

In the morning, Eddie stole his (Schuey) crutches and goes near Michael: (saying) "Come on Michael, come on, catch me catch me" while faking to escape using the sticks. Michael laughs. Everybody laughs."
(Christie-Lee Taylor)

Jaguar F1 Car

Belgium 1999

Before the race at SPA, at a party in the paddocks there was Miss Belgium. She met all the drivers, found them very polite and well behaved and then she met our Eddie. She asked him :
"How can I seduce you ?"
Eddie's answer :"Take your clothes off !"
Of course she got upset but the next day they were walking hand in hand so she got over it.
(Miruna Estera)

Jaguar F1 Car

Italy 1999

Wednesday night before the GP of Monza. Milan, at "De Sade" disco there is the Benetton party, everything seems normal but at one moment Eddie arrives. He is funny and good-looking, the classic viveur we know and love; he walks through the tables and approaches some people, but after few minutes a Ferrari mechanic joins him, says him 2 words and takes Eddie to sleep.
Probably this is the new strategy of Ferrari's Team: every mechanic and technician are scattered in every pub, disco, night club of the place and they have the duty to take back Eddie.

During the Italian Grand Prix Eddie was asked if he usually has sex during the week-end of the race.E.I." Yes, sometimes! It depends."
The italian journalist added : "Whether you find a girl or not"
E.I."Oh, qui a Monza, no problema!" (Here at Monza, No problem!)

During an italian program, Simona Ventura (italian show-woman) asked to Eddie:
"Eddie, if you have Mika Häkkinen and Michael Schumacher on a tower, whom would you throw out ? "
Eddie replied: "Mika Häkkinen, because Michael Schumacher is already out of this championship !!!"
(Carlotta Vannucci)

Jaguar F1 Car

Malaysia 1999

Here's something i read in Irvine's column from The Express on his opinion about Schumacher's comeback:
             "...maybe I should break my leg, stick it up for three or four
              months and see if it does the same for me..."
(Lee Yin Hoong)

Eddie being interviewed after Sepang - 'I was driving around thinking this is quite handy having Michael as a number two. I was actually going to speak to Jaguar to see how much he'll cost to be my number two!'

Jaguar F1 Car

Winter 2000

I'm Seema from Bangalore, India. A huge F1 and Eddie fan. Love to add something to your collection. Read in a Mag that when Eddie was on a Holiday, stopped over in New Delhi for a day and took a jumbo Elephant ride on the streets and when the huge mammal slowly lurched and finally got on it's feet with Eddie on top, he reportedly commented "This is on hell of a long pit stop !". Must have 'fondly' thought back to his Ferrari days.

If anybody thinks they know anything that should be added to this list, please E-mail me..

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