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FOSA FOSA - A non-profit association of formula 1 fans and supporters. Their membership is made up of a group of people, from all four corners of the world, who care about Formula One. And they are a bunch of very nice guys as well. Join up, you won't regret it.

Autosport Austria Dirk Hartung's Formula One Photos - Quite brilliant Formula One photographs taken by the man himself.

Murray Walker Quotes Page - And and and and a stupendous site about a top bloke.  Very, very funny.

Martin Brundle's Racing Lines - Definatly funner than Dr Jonathan Palmer.

Bullet Team Motorsports Bullet Team Motorsports - Not F1, but not far away. A team that promotes children's charities so give them some support.

Autoguide - a specialized automotive directory. The site has been designed to make it easier to find all the different automotive sites on the Internet.

REC.AUTOS.SPORT.F1 - Formula One Newsgroup - if you need information, want to comment about F1, or just want a good old fashioned "my driver is better than yours" fight, this is the place for you.