Could You Have Been Ferrari's Number 2 Driver?

Could you have done Eddies job? Try the following questionnaire and find out

1) You are leading a Grand Prix but Michael Schumacher overtakes you. Why?
A) Because Michael Schumacher is a genius, best driver out there.
B) Spongy Brakes.
C) All of the above.

2) You are about to be interviewed on TV. What is the first thing you do?
A) Think carefully what to say and be sure to mention the team and sponsors.
B) Put on your cap.
C) Put on your Oakley sunglasses.

3) Bugger - It's Louise Goodman doing the interview. Do you?
A) Answer her questions clearly and precisely.
B) Run for it.
C) Run for it but if caught answer the bint's questions with thinly veiled contempt.

4) You have caused an accident. What do you tell the stewards?
A) I was a racing accident.
B) It was 50/50 my fault.
C) Wasn't me guv.

5) It's 9:00 in the morning and you have to be at the Ferrari test track to start testing new parts of the car. Are you?
A) In the cockpit ready to start.
B) In the garage pouring over telemetry.
C) In bed with a hangover wondering who the blonde babe is beside you.

6) Whats her name?
A) Corinna.
B) Err.... Susan... Shelley... Tessa... it'll come back to me.
C) Don't know, don't care.

7) You are beside a small Canadian bloke with funny hair.  Do you?
A) Try and wind him up.
B) Crash into him.
C) A then B.

8) If you where offered a part in a Wacky Racers movie, who would you play?
A) Dick Dastardly.
B) Peter Perfect.
C) Muttley.

9) The race is over. Where are you?
A) In a meeting with Ross Brawn going over what happened in the race.
B) Relaxing in the hotel with a few friends.
C) In the pub. On the floor.

10) If you are stopped by the police for speeding in your Ferrari, what is your excuse?
A) Sorry officer, I wasn't paying attention.
B) Sorry officer, I was late.
C) I couldn't help it Officer. It's running so well at the minute and I was determined to make the most of it.

Results - If you answered mostly
A - You are Michael Schumacher - Sorry, you can't be second to anybody or you huff.
B - Nearly an Eddie but not quite.
C - You are Eddie Irvine - Well Done!