Eddie Irvine Screensaver For Microsoft Windows

This screensaver displays pictures of Eddie being his cool and suave self and some racing images as well.

It is designed to run on a 800 x 600 Hi Colour Display cos that's what I had back in 1997. It will run on a 640 x 480 display but Eddie's head gets cut off in one of the pictures. One may argue that's a good thing :)

- Click on the button to download the screensaver - You may need PKZIP or WINZIP to unzip it.

I have found more Eddie Screensavers at Mininova, click here to download them.


Thanks to the following people for giving permission to use their images.

Richard Knight, Webmaster of the Shell-Ferrari Site. All images in the screensaver with the Shell-Ferrari logo are copyright Shell International Petroleum Co Ltd.

Isobel Hamilton, webmistress (is that a word) of the Girls F1 Page.

Raffaella Pelizzar, webmistress (it is now) of the Nice Eddie Page.

Boris Schlegelmilch - Maranello - The Ferrari Channel.

Alex Savage & Matt Hobbs for hosting the screensaver on their sites too.

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