Eddie Irvine Videos


Eddie Irvine Vs Ayrton Senna at Suzuka in 1993, which resulted in Ayrton punching Eddie after the race.
Aryton Senna's post Suzuka press conference where he talks about the incident with Eddie.
Crash at Brazil, 1994 that resulted in a three race ban.
Eddie's Jordan catching fire in the Spa pits, Belgium Grand Prix 1995.
This is quite an odd video, Eddie getting chased around Dalkey by a camera crew.
The famous overtaking move at Suzuka in 1997 where he overtook 3 cars in one lap.
Jacques Villeneuve angrily gets out of his car to have a word with Eddie Irvine for blocking him during the Practice of 1997 European Grand Prix
Advertising what I think is a burglar alarm on Italian TV.
Eddie in his boxer shorts.
The infamous Mika Hakkinen Vs Eddie Irvine water fight at the 1999 Canadian Grand Prix.
Lap of the Monaco Grand Prix circuit.

Eddie collides with Luciano Burti sending him at 170mph into a tyre barrier. Cameras in the pits get the driver's reactions while Irvine tries to rescue unconscious Burti from the tyre barrier.(more)

Eddie does a promotional video for the Jaguar X-Type
Eddie on board lap at the A1 Ring, 2002.
Losing his rear wing at Hockenheim.
Eddie on board lap at Monza
Lapisinha's Eddie Irvine slide show.
Tsubasa's tribute to Eddie Irvine, music by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.
At last, but by no means least, a song called "Eddie Irvine" by a band called SHLONG

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